• The CLRS
    The CLRS
    This world first, world class technology enables an explicit measurement of the acquisition of a core sample during a coring operation.
  • The Coring Process
    The Coring Process
    Coring and core analysis are essential to the exploration, development and production phases of the oil and gas industry.

Welcome to Coretrack Limited



Coretrack is an ASX listed company that provides technical solutions to the energy industry in the form of down hole tools, products and services.

Since the company’s conception, Coretrack has focused primarily on building and introducing its highly anticipated integrated core tracking tool, the Core Level Recorder System (CLRS) into the commercial market.

Coretrack - Coring Tool (CLRS)

Real time measurement of core intake by the CLRS translates into direct tangible benefits for the oil and gas industry:

  • Real time measurement whilst coring
  • Immediate identification of core milling
  • Immediate core jam notification
  • No stop losses due to information uncertainty
  • No need for expensive deviated wells to re-do jobs gone wrong
  • Substantial cost savings


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